PostgreSQL Custom Types

In the last year I’ve spent six months digging into a PostgreSQL project. PostgreSQL is one of the most interesting and fast developed database management systems. However it is still a little bit behind the major commercial competitors, it is without any doubt, the most advanced OpenSource and Free DBMS. On the great features of […]

the Italian @

I was reading the New York Times, where I discovered an interesting article standing out again from the crowd of tech reviews. I’m always attracted by the searticles that describe Italians and Italian researches, since the objectivity of  NY Times journalists make easier to understand the real value of that piece of work. In this […]

All roads lead to Flash

    When approaching a new design of a rich content web application, the same questions always come out: which is the best framework for the purpose? Well.. depending on your definition of “rich” and also to the complexity of the interactions within the platform that you want to built up, a few approaches exist […]

Time for cleaning…

hi there! as you can see those pages have been cleaned again, since WordPress platform seems to hate me and my writing skills… Sorry for this issue but I promise I will refill my pages with the whole old content! stay in touch!