GeoMondrian Example

As soon as I’ve started digging into OLAP Architectures I realized how complicated things might become whenever looking for extra features. Most of the commercial OLAP solutions are providing “classic” OLAP features for data warehousing. It means that only simple numeric, strings and dates would be supported. Spatial Data Warehouses  architectures instead, are still in […]

Supported Spatial Data Formats

GIS People often have to fight agains data conversions. The constellation of Desktop GIS suites make our life harder and harder while approaching to ETL processes. A relevant issue in ETL processes is the so called “data formats discovery”. Finding information about which software is supporting which spatial data type can turn a simple routing […]

PostgreSQL Custom Types

In the last year I’ve spent six months digging into a PostgreSQL project. PostgreSQL is one of the most interesting and fast developed database management systems. However it is still a little bit behind the major commercial competitors, it is without any doubt, the most advanced OpenSource and Free DBMS. On the great features of […]