Liguria Heritage Review

Crescere in Italia riesce a far diventare normali le situazioni più curiose, e in assoluto la più straordinaria è la trasparenza verso l’arte. Essi’, siamo circondati da un numero di bellezze, musei, monumenti e siti archeologici che sono la totale normalità per chi ci vive. Sono cresciuto in Ventimiglia e nonostante oggi si sia guadagnata […]

Android Beats iPhone in 2010 Q2 !

The Nielsen Company Graphics from the Nielsen report show the market share of smartphone operating systems. By the end of 2011, there could be more smartphones in the United States than the less advanced feature phones, according to a report released Monday by the Nielsen Company, a market trends monitor. The report also notes that […]

Supported Spatial Data Formats

GIS People often have to fight agains data conversions. The constellation of Desktop GIS suites make our life harder and harder while approaching to ETL processes. A relevant issue in ETL processes is the so called “data formats discovery”. Finding information about which software is supporting which spatial data type can turn a simple routing […]

Choosing the perfect Free Software License

Every time you start developing a new piece of software that needs external libraries to be used and integrated, the licensing dilemma strikes again. If you are a developer of a well standardized software company you can have stronger restrictions on the licenses to be used (even a list of usable licenses), however when you […]

the Italian @

I was reading the New York Times, where I discovered an interesting article standing out again from the crowd of tech reviews. I’m always attracted by the searticles that describe Italians and Italian researches, since the objectivity of  NY Times journalists make easier to understand the real value of that piece of work. In this […]