About Spatial Representativeness on Historical Illustrations

With the development of cartography, the history of landscapes has taken more and more importance to delineate the development of social settlements. As cited from [1] the illustration, let us take the famous depiction of Napoleon’s march on Moscow published by Charles Joseph Minard in 1861 ( a detailed description can be found in Tufte […]

Image Rectification

hi to all… here you can find an easy guide to image rectification using Hugin software. This is the italian translation to the image rectification guide that can be found on the Hugin website. Ecco qui una guida tutta italana alla rettificazione di immagini (utile per esempio nei processi di rilievo fotografico di edifici e […]

the Italian @

I was reading the New York Times, where I discovered an interesting article standing out again from the crowd of tech reviews. I’m always attracted by the searticles that describe Italians and Italian researches, since the objectivity of  NY Times journalists make easier to understand the real value of that piece of work. In this […]